Q. What’s a management plan?

Management plans are forward-looking documents that provide a vision of the parks at their future best and the strategies for getting there.
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Q. Why get involved?

Parks Canada is accountable to you. Your values and views are at the core of every management plan. And that’s why we need to hear from you. Your input will help provide the direction needed to deliver on Parks Canada’s mandate of protection, education and the visitor experience.
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Q. Who is preparing the management plan?

The Nahą Dehé Consensus Team (Parks Canada and Dehcho First Nations) is working on the management planning program. The Consensus Team is the mechanism which allows Parks Canada and Dehcho First Nations to cooperatively manage the park. For the planning program, experts are brought in as needed and a planner is coordinating the process.
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Q. Will the management plan include the recent expanded area?

Nahanni National Park Reserve was expanded in June 2009, and the new management plan will give direction to the management of both the original park and the expansion area.
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Q. When will the management plan be completed?

The planning process has a focused timeline in order to ensure that the new management plan is completed by the required deadline of March 2010.